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Computers can be powerful tools for writing texts with, not so much because of the computing aspect as such, but because the text which is fed into the computer is by no means fixed (yet). The words in the computer's memory are images of the words in the author's mind and both can change any time. Thus, a text inside a computer's memory remains a personal thing, not yet communication. Creativity still rules.

The Azart programme offers its users the possibility to view their own words differently.

Any list of words may be tried out, and will appear as colourful clouds of meaning. New associations will develop and each word will obtain new qualities that can be used in the creative process of putting ideas into words. Somehow, the word character acquires the full weight of two meanings when viewed as an Azart characters.

The Azart alphabet combines letters into words as two-dimensional objects, instead of one-dimensional strings. This, together with the use of colour, has the letter affecting one another much more strongly than in normal text. Like in spoken language - where each sound influences the sounds preceding and following it - letters must adapt to their neighbours. When words form sentences this happens in the third dimension.

The Azart computer programme was made after the alphabet's completion. Its main object being that of visualizing the natural Azart writing activity - a major constraint, on the one hand, but also a great opportunity to investigate the natural creative process.

The strategy behind the computer programme starts from two principles:
• the size of the letters depends on the size of the word
• letters of unvarying length inside the polygon are written first,
  while letters of varying lengths (mainly vowels) complete the image
Whole sentences may be entered, but every word will get its own (consecutive) cloud on the same axis. The whole sentence can be rotated around its final character.

Guy Rombouts

Software development and technical support:
QWERTY, intraQuest Teun de Lange

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