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This is the project blog of the development of a number interactive sound applications and a booklet as a tribute to John Cage.

2012-12-18 • Interactive aria installation

Original Score AriaThe sound installation Aria, according to Cage is a tribute to the beautiful music notation John Cage developed for Aria (1958), but at the same time it is an innovative interactive music application. When you sing, whistle or play an instrumnent, you'll notice that the application automatically records samples which are played back/visualised as three voices: a bass/red, tenor/yellow and soprano/blue. During interactive use this music notation is not only aesthetically interesting but also 'just' an efficient display of the musical process. In the context of improvisation the free music notation of Cage proves to be better than more traditional systems.

The technical basis for this installation is the Jazzperiments-application which is developed in open source Java. The famous Gervill JavaSound-library (also integrated in Android) is without any doubt worth to explore for anyone who is interested in musical software technology.

In the Jazzperiments-application all technical information (in e.g. Hz of dB) is translated into musical information (e.g. notes, intervals or chords). The harmonic interaction is based on a great variety of scales included in the system. Also from a musical perspective there is a lot to experience and experiment.

Try it now: sing (or whistle) and react:

2012-09-05 • MUAGE, according to Cage

Cover bookletMUAGE, according to Cage is a 'linguistic' composition based on 10 citations of John Cage, publishing and presented by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zeeland, Middelburg (NL) on the 100th anniversary of John Cage's birthday.

Essay and score in pdf with original citations of John Cage:
MUAGE, according to Cage

Dutch translation of essay and score by Teun de Lange:
MUAGE, volgens Cage

German translation of score by
Alex Nowitz:
MUAGE, laut Cage

Spanish translation of score by
Miguel Horacio Sosa:
MUAGE, según Cage

= whole rest fermata = silence as long as desirable.

MUAGEScore animated in tempo:
MUAGE, in time

Play recording Joseph Resovsky reads MUAGE

Play recording Lynn Cassiers sings her ARIA


2011-12-03 • According to Cage

Singer - photo Wouter Van Looy
Installation in the Opera de Lille (France).

2010-09-15 • Start of Cage project
Invitation by Wouter van Looy to participate in Big Bang project for Zonzo Compagnie.